Company History
The name of our guitars was chosen in honor of the founder of our company, Sr. Francisco Broseta Rogla, a maker of fine Spanish guitars since the 1950's. Even today our guitars still carry his unmistakeable style. The great interest shown by Francisco Broseta from an early age for cabinet making and music, turned him to learning the art of manufacturing guitars. At 18 years of age, he came to the renowned house of "Dolores Marin", located in Chirivella, and was trained by the hand of the distinguished craftsman Jose Roca. During the following 14 years Francisco was introduced to the art and craft of Lutery and the mysteries of the trade. During his apprenticeship at Dolores Marin he met the woman who would be his future wife, Herminia Monroy. She had been working for 14 years at another prestigious guitar maker, "Hijos de Vicente Taty". There she had developed her skills working the art and techniques of varnishing along with other finishing touches for guitars.

The will of Francisco to apply his ideas, concepts and techniques to the trade, made him take an important step with his wife, Herminia. They began their own factory taking full advantage of the experience they had both acquired. For this reason in 1974 they moved to the town of Gata de Gorgos, inside the province of Alicante, to dedicate themselves to the art of making guitars. Their great effort and hard work soon paid off. They received national prestige and formally established themselves as a company with the name of Bros Guitars.

Today their children, Paco and Luis, continue the hard work of their parents. The sons have learned to combine the purest artisan traditions inherited from their father with the latest technological advances. In so doing they have created a product of the highest quality which is always adapted to the needs and demands of their customers.

The founders of Bros Guitars dreamed of having their handcrafted guitars travel across the borders of Spain. Paco and Luis have fulfilled their parents' dream. Francisco Bros guitars are now known worldwide and have acquired prestige at an international level as being recognized by the Spanish Guitar Master Craftsman's Guild.